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Nursing Clinic

Walk in clinic or book your appointment with our registered Nurse Dawn Heron for your well being checks every Tuesday and Thursday Morning. You can feel confident in your own language and Dawn´s professional hands with here diabetic clinic, hypertension, colesterol and weight control. Dawn´s Clinic can provide information about homecare, flu injections, change dressings and mole checks.

-Blood pressure test and advice                  10€

-Blood glucose test and diabetes advice   10€

-Cholesterol test, diet and lifestyle advice  10€

-BMI, diet and lifestyle adivce                         8€

-O2 saturation test and advice                        8€

-Mole check and advice                                 10€

( Mini medical including all of the above 40€ )

-General health care review                          15€

-Medication review                                          depend on time

-Dressings and wound managment             depend on time

-Pre and post operation advice                     depends on time

-Injections 10€

-Ear irrigation pre check 10€ post irrigation  30€

-Flue injection                                                      15€

Nursing Clinic

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