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Laser hair removal & Laser facial

It has arrived! Our Laser hair removal and laser facial machine!

The photo depilaction is a pulsed light method ( IPL or SHR ) which emits a very powerfull light beam which moves at different wavelengths. These wavelengths are absorbed by melanin (pigment of the skin)  which change with heat, that reaches the hair bulb and destroys the hair completly without damaging the peripheral tissue.

It can be used on any part of he body. Its a progressive method that eliminates hair, requieres various sessions.


– Top Lip   18€

– Chin        26€

– Sideburns  26€

– Neck 26€

– Underarm 29€

– Bikini line 35€

– Arms 45€

– Half leg 49€

– Thighs 49€

– Beard 55€

– Back and shoulders 99€

– Chest and abdomen 99€


Laser hair removal & Laser facial

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